Crocus,  Crocus Purple Prince.
Crocus,  Crocus Purple Prince.

Crocus, Crocus Purple Prince.

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There is nothing more wonderful than the first crocus boldly pushing through the melting snow. This crocus blend was carefully chosen for its brilliant colours. Plump, healthy bulbs in a distinctive sampling of Holland's finest crocuses.All colours have darker veins inside the flower, These flowers are beautiful when planted in mixed colours as its fun to see which colours pop through first. Glossy foliage topped with beautiful open blooms a true early welcome to spring. The cheer-up power of the crocus is extraordinary. Few other spring flowers are so quick to unfurl their petals, even in weak sunshine, and the resulting blast of colour is impressive from such little plants. Bumblebees, hungry after their hibernation, love their nectar, as do butterflies. Yet despite the big punch they pack, crocuses disappear soon after flowering, and never leave an ugly aftermath of dying foliage. If only daffodils were like that.
Crocuses are easy and trouble-free. Alpinists like to fuss over rare ones in small pots, but if you're a slovenly plantsman like me, you'll encourage them to grow, as they will, pretty well anywhere.

Crocus vernus Product Information:
Bloom Time: Early Spring
Size: 7-8 cm bulbs
Zones: 3 to 9
Height: 4-5"